Happy New Year of the Fire-Tiger 2022

Dear  Akhaldanner,                                                               Amsterdam, 1st February 2022

            We are glad to present to you the 40th  AKHALDAN I CHING-DAKINI CALENDAR, showing the Chinese Year of the  Fire-Tiger  (www.akhaldan.info).

This year starts on Thursday the 1th of February 2022 at 18.49 A.T. (Amsterdam Time) and ends on Saturday the 21st of January 2023 at 20:34 A.T.

This year will have a middle quality (in general *** stars enlightened). It will be more on the human level (*** and ****) . See for further information www.akhaldan.info the Tree of Life

            The Chinese star sign Tiger is the Chinese equivalence of the Western star sign Aries. This sign is governed by Mars, the first fire sign, meaning:  Action, freedom, independence, own doing, own experiencing, own dreaming, operation.

 The weak organs for this year are the  Head with corresponding Nerves system. To have a warlike energy and fighting for ideals are the special characteristics of this animal and of this year.The colour of the Tiger is Red and the tune is Do (C)

            This year of the Fire-Tiger is governed by the I Ching Hexagram 55

Fire below/Thunder above

 Abundance (Fullness)

The Judgement

  The time of abundance is usually brief, but be not sad or sorrowing;

Be like the Sun at noon, illuminating and gladdening all creation.

The Image

As thunder and lightning come together; inner clarity with outward action;

Thus does the wise judge decide lawsuits.

He ensures strict and precise penalties.

Lao Tse says about 55 :

 He who is filled with Virtue is like a newborn child. Wasps and serpents will not sting him; Wild beasts will not pounce upon him; he will not be attacked by birds of prey. His bones are soft, his muscles weak, but his grip is firm. He has not experienced the union of man and woman, but is whole. His manhood is strong. He screams all day without becoming hoarse. This is perfect harmony. Knowing harmony is constancy. Knowing constancy is enlightenment. It is not wise to rush about. Controlling the breath causes strain. If too much energy is used, exhaustion follows. This is not the way of TAO. Whatever is contrary to TAO will not last long.

The Secret Dakini Oracle 55: “Totally Bananas”

  The Path of psychic release; freed latent energies; an unconscious fantasy;

the ridiculous in all things; unconventionality.


is an astro-ecological society of learned beings like you and me,

founded in Amsterdam since May 1983 (year of the Pig).

Akh means Heaven, Al is God and Dan signifies the Here and Now.

In Dutch (hemeltjegodhiernogaantoe).

Well dear cosmic conscious friends may this calendar be a guide in this active, warlike, yang year of the Fire-Tiger.

Sarvamangalam ( all sentient beings are happy) 

m.m.a.hermans@gmail.com  ; www.akhaldan.info

You can get a PDF copy of this calendar by contacting the above email or website

I Ching Hexagram/ Dakini review of the Tiger-Year 2022.

In this Chinese year we see some hexagrams / Dakinis appearing more then other.

First one (most appearing) 29 “Water; Danger; the Abyss” Self-preservation
(End of June, July, beginning of August). It occurs 66 days during this year, so be aware!

Second: Hexagram 46 “Pushing upward; Growth; Construction” Abundance
Occurs 40 days during this year (autumn 2022)

Third: Hexagram 28 “Great Heaviness; Excess of the Great; Inner Strength” Cosmic Carrot
Happens for 29 days over this year.

Fourth: Hexagram 55 “Äbundance; Fullness; Time of unfolding” Totally Bananas
Occurs, happens for 28 days during this year. Is also the Universal TAO of the Tiger-Year!

Fifth: Hexagram 43 “Break through; Resoluteness;the Realisation” Mount Meru
Happens 14 days in this year.

Astrological review of 2022

Some remarkable astrological occurencess happen in this Tiger Year!
Venus wanders a very long time in Capricorn, (from the 6th of November 2021 till
the 7th of March 2022). 4 months during winter time! Meaning the intuition, feeling
in the outside World. Not a favorite position for this star. In the beginning a
morning star and at the end an evening star. How to handle the emotions in the
hard, materialistic world of business, profession and politics.

Mars flies very long in Gemini (from the 20th of August 2022 till 27th of March
2023). 7 months actions in the communication creating cruelty (9 of the Swords),
meaning; cruelty to yourself; self-accusation; punishing yourself; heartless passion;
fanaticism; revenge; passive resistance and martyrdom.
It shows your tendency to put yourself down cruelly. You have to recognize and
fully see this behavior pattern, before you will be able to overcome it.
Affirmation: “I am loved, simply i am the way i am”..

Jupiter in Phisces; Expansion in own well-being that creates Happiness (9 of the
cups) meaning: bliss; overflowing love; deep joy and blessings.
This happens from the 29th of December 2021 till the 11th May 2022 and from the
29th of October 2022 till the 21st of December 2022.
Affirmation: “Happiness is my natural condition”.
Breath and feel! If you are alone, enjoy your solitude. If you are with others enjoy
their presence! If you have a job to do, do it in silent devotion.

Saturn goes the whole year through Aquarius meaning: Restriction in international
relations/possibilties/ brotherhood, low level of altruism, splitting up society into two
different fractions (parties), decrease of social relations.

The Universal TAO (Hexagram) of the Tiger-Year 2022

Abundance (Fullness)
Fire below/Thunder above
The Judgement
The time of abundance is usually brief, but be not sad or sorrowing;
Be like the Sun at noon, illuminating and gladdening all creation.

The Image
As thunder and lightning come together; inner clarity with outward action;
Thus does the wise judge decide lawsuits.
He ensures strict and precise penalties.
The lines (valleys)

Nine at the 1st place (.): To work with one destined ruler is no mistake. But only for
so long. To bring a time of abundance a union of fire =clarity (wisdom) and thunder =
energetic action is needed. Therefore, go forth and make your influences felt. But be aware.
One must be able to stop at the right moment!

Six at the 2nd place (*): One sees the major stars at noon: An eclipse looms. Mistrust and hate. Plots and party intrigues come between a ruler! An able man who could help the ruler is envied and mistrusted. If one cannot see one’s ruler, one should hold inwardly to the power of Truth for its strength is so great that it can, by its invisible influence, arouse that ruler’s will.

Nine at the 3rd place (**): One sees even small stars at noon: The eclipse is total. Do nothing. Wait. The able man (prince) is now so eclipsed that even small men can push themselves into the foreground.. Even the most able man can do nothing. One is hindered yet one is not at fault. Refrain from action: remain blameless.

Nine at the 4th place (***): One sees the the lodestar at noon: The eclipse passes. One meets his prince. As the eclipse passes, darkness decreases and light returns. Wisdom and energy can now unite and complement each other.

Six at the 5th place (****): As blessing and fame draw near for one, so does good
fortune and blessing for all. When a ruler is modest and therefore open for counsel, he
becomes surrounded by able men, who can suggest good lines for action. In this way comes blessing, fame and favour for all.

Six at the top (
*****): In his house of abundance he screens himself off. He peers out
through the gate but no longer sees anyone. When a man is arrogant and obstinate he
attains the opposite of what he strives for. He seeks abundance and splendour and, at all
odds, to be master of his house. But he alienates even his own family. He is hopelessly
isolated by his own action.

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