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Amsterdam, 18 October 2019

We are glad to present to you the 38th AKHALDAN I CHING-DAKINI CALENDAR, showing the Chinese Year of the Fire-Rat .

This year starts on Monday the 24th of January 2020 at 22:44 A.T. (Amsterdam Time) and ends on Thursday the 11th of February 2021 at 18.49 A.T.

This year will have a higher quality (more stars enlightened) as the year of the Fire Dog and Swine, who had a very low appearance! It will be more on the Human level (*** and ****) . See for further information the Tree of Life!

The Chinese star sign Rat is the Chinese equivalence of the Western star sign Gemini. This sign is governed by Mercury, the first air sign, governing the lungs and nerves system! The Twins Castor and Pollex (Hermes, The Greek God) means: Yang, curiosity, anxiousness, wanting to know, communication, dealing, business, short travelling, correspondence, internet, lack of concentration, stress, weak nerves system and not conscious breathing.. The weak organs for this year are the Lungs, Shoulders and the Nerves System. To be Pugnacious and having an aggressive mind are the special characteristics of this animal and of this year.The colour of the Rat is yellow and the tune is Mi (E).

This year of the Fire-Rat is governed by the I Ching Hexagram 63:

Fire below/ Water above

Order ( after Completion)

The Judgement

Order leads to disorder.
Be persevering.
A time for success, only in small matters.

The Image

Water over fire; a time of perfect order.
But the wise man considers misfortune
and arms himself against it in advance.

Lao Tse says about 63:

Practize non-action. Work without doing. Taste the tasteless. Magnify the small.
Increase the few. Reward bitterness with care. See simplicity in the complicated.
Achieve greatness in little things.
In the universe the difficult things are done as if they are easy.
In the universe great acts are made of small deeds.
The sage does not attempt anything very big and thus achieve greatness
Easy promise makes for little trust.
Taking things lightly results in great difficulty.
Because the sage always confronts difficulties, he never experiences them.

The Secret Dakini Oracle 63: Centering; The Present;Shri Chakra

The potent power of the Present, the inner and outer as one unit of strength,
the Eternal Present, desires achieved, Truth.

How to use this Akhaldan I Ching Calendar for 2020

To get your full material, emotional and spiritual fulfilment out of this calendar, you first of all need a meditative mind and an I Ching Book and/or a Dakini Oracle Book, because every day has its I Ching Hexagram or Dakini number. These oracles are analogue in their 64 ways of entities.

Let’s take for instance: Thursday 23th of April 2020

New Moon in Taurus 2:07 (A.T.). The best day to plant your seeds, to sow!!! There are 2 stars (**) ‘enlightened’, represented in two Tarotcards: Succes = 6 of the Disks and Change = 2 of the Disks. This creates I Ching Hexagram number 58 = Pleasure and for the Secret Dakini Oracle Chameleon.

** Two stars enlightened means that the third line of the I Ching Hexagram starts functioning and on the level of the 3th chakra (Navel = Vitality = physical human happenings and materialistic ideals) . See the Tree of Life further on in this calendar!

The Date


New Moon in Taurus  ● 23
02 hour 07 min Amsterdam Time 02:07 (A.T.) Sow your seeds
The I Ching Hexagram of this day 58 **
The Dakini meaning of this day Chameleon

* = Enlightened position of a planet in our solar system is expressed by a tarot card!

* Moon in Taurus (  ) = Success = 6 of the disks
* Moon in Cancer (  ) = Luxury = 4 of the cups
* Moon in Libra (  ) = Peace = 2 of the swords
* Moon in Sagittarius (  ) = Strength = 9 of the wands
* Moon in Aquarius (  ) = Futility = 7 of the swords
* Jupiter in Capricorn = Change = 2 of the disks

TheYear 2020

A Hot Rat Race in the year of the yellow pugnacious Fire-Rat 2020!

The Rat is the opposite of the meditative Swine (2019). Anxiousness against relaxation, communication opposite meditation, consciousness versa collective unconsciousness, mind against the heart. So this year will be more conscious and therefore has more enlightened stars then in the year of the Swine. It is moving more in the Human area of *** and **** stars enlightened and has even ****** stars at the end of August!

(See for more explanation The Tree of Life)

Astrological deepening of this Year.

There are 3 planets which move extraordinary exceptional in our Universe in this year, because of their retrograde movements.

1) Mercury in Cancer * (an enlightened star position)

creating consciousness in the family/clan, which leads to Abundance. 3 of the Cups in the Minor Tarot Cards meaning: overflowing exchange of Love, rare valuable feelings and perceptions which can be communicated intimately. This position duress for 2 months June and July.

So this is very favourable. Which favour can you give to your clan?

2) Venus in Gemini (not enlightened) for 4 months! From April till August.

This creates intuition in the communication, the heart in relation with the mind. So capriciousness , fickleness in the world of emotions, emotional change, a lot of outside influences, distraction, lack of concentration and meditation. Lack of emotional confidence. So in general not a favourite position. The internet will be pleased! Watch your lungs and the way you breath!

3) Mars in Aries *

creating action for freedom which leads to Dominion. 2 of the Wands meaning: Warlike energy, the dynamic pioneer, domination or mastering the situation. And this for 7 months from June till the middle of December. Very unique! A time where meditation will be rare and action and communication will be high.

Warlike energy in this momentum of Mother Earth can be dangerous, especially in this Year of the Rat. Reflection and meditation is now needed as never before!

This promises to be a year of big change and transformation (2 of the disks in the minor tarot cards). Change is always necessary when the old falls out of equilibrium! Change shakes us and wakes us up. New energies will come from this transformation. “The only constant thing in Human Life is Change”. Every day and in every way i am getting better and better, because change gives us opportunities. Till the beginning of December Jupiter (the planet for expansion/growth/luck) in Capricorn, conjunct with Saturn (the planet for restriction/decline) also in his own star sign Capricorn! So really a Yin and Yang happening in Capricorn. This sign expresses the outside world, career, profession, politics, corruption, fraud, limitation and also discipline, control, manipulation, mass media. So we have both expansion and restriction in these areas.

So what is most needed in this aggressive, anxious, pugnacious, curious and communicative Year of the Fire-Rat is Meditation, reflection, being in your own inner void, emptiness, your black hole. No news, no excitement, no disturbances, quit as a windless surface of a lake. So it is all about “Centering” , that makes you the Lady/Lord of the Ring. Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi are very good methods to reach that goal.

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