2015 Year of the Thunder-Goat

Dear Akhaldanner,
We are glad to present to you the 33th AKHALDAN I CHING CALENDAR, showing the Chinese Year of the Thunder-Goat 2015 (www.akhaldan.info).
This year starts on Tuesday the 20th of January 2015 at 13:00 A.T .(Amsterdam Time) and ends on Monday the 8th of February 2016 at 14:17 A.T.


The Chinese star sign Goat is the Chinese equivalence of the western star sign Scorpio meaning: Pleasure, sex, death, inheritance , the ‘hidden other’ world, the Occult, mysteries, magic of the herbs, plants, stones, elements, symbols, inner human organs, words, etc., the immaterial, occult arts and sciences like astrology, music, painting, yoga, tantra, alchemy and intuition. This year will express a lot of Nirvana (4, 5 and 6 stars days). The Time Spirit is very high from January 2015 till Friday the 19th of June 2015.

A Goat is very emotional, passionate, going from “ Himmelhoch jauchzent, zum Tode betrübt ”, wants to see the hidden, immaterial things of Life and spends a lot of Love. The Thunder-Goat is excitingly loveable. This year is Yang, outgoing and pleasurable.

It is governed by the planet Pluto (power of desire). The colour is dark red and the tune is Do ( C ).

This year is governed by the I Ching Hexagram 21: Thunder below/ Fire above

“ Biting through “ (Judging)

The Judgement

Biting through has success
when unity cannot be established.

The Image

Thunder and lightning: clarity and fear.
Thus kings of old made firm the laws and clarity defined the penalties.

Lao Tse says about 21 :
The greatest Virtue is to follow Tao and Tao alone.
The Tao is elusive and intangible.
Oh. it is intangible and elusive, and yet within is image.
Oh, it is elusive and intangible, and yet within is form.
Oh, it is dim and dark, and yet within is essence.
This essence is very real, and therein lies faith.
From the very beginning until now its name has never been forgotten.
Thus I perceive the creation.
How do I know the way of creation?
Because of this.

The Secret Dakini Oracle 21: Earth bound

The meaning of existence, development, completion of a cycle,
action as the result of choice, free Will