Happy New Year of the Thunder-Horse 2014

Dear Akhaldanner,
We are glad to present to you the 32nd AKHALDAN I CHING CALENDAR, showing the
Chinese Year of the Thunder-Horse 2014.


This year starts on Thursday the 30th of January 2014 at 21,20 A.T .(Amsterdam Time) and ends on Tuesday the 20th of January 2015. A short Chinese astrological year!
Attention: The Moon  in the upper right corner of the little squares (vector) is not
shown every day, only when  enters in a new star sign. You can see when  is enlightened (  ).
When the same I Ching Hexagram happens the next day, with the same line functioning and the 
in the same star sign, it is not repeated and shown. Gives me more space to write down the
oracle’s judgement (which specific line comes into existence) of that specific day!
The Chinese star sign Horse is the Chinese equivalence of the western star sign
Sagitarrius  meaning: Long travelling, life opinion, ideals, religion, wisdom, tolerance, openmindedness,
philosophy, expansion, university, other cultures. This year will express a lot of
Samsara (0 till days). The Time Spirit is low from February 2014 till the 19th of July 2014 and
in October and beginning of December 2014! Very high in August, September 2014 and January
2015, with even 7 stars days enlightened!
So important: Be receptive and in they heart, withdraw into the inner Self. It is a time where the
good has to hide and the bad one’s dictate, as it seems! But not for long (see January 2015) A
Horse is bright-minded, wants insight, wisdom, to graze the horizons, travel long, see other
cultures and therefore very impatient. This year is Yang, outgoing, philosophical. It is
governed by the planet Jupiter  = Expansion, growth.
The colour is purple and the tune is la ( A ).
So this will be a year of gaining wisdom, meeting other cultures and at the end
enlightening! .

This year is governed by the I Ching Hexagram

51 (thunder below; thunder above )
The arousing

The Judgement
Thunder comes, spreading terror afar,
but shock also brings success and joy,
for now is the time of reverence.
As God comes forth in THE AROUSING.

The image
Thunder repeated: the image of shock.
Thus in fear and trembling,
the wise man examines himself
to set his life in order and to shape it.
Lao Tse says about number 51
All things arise from Tao. They are nourished by Virtue.
They are formed from matter. They are shaped by environment.
Thus the ten thousand things all respect Tao and honor Virtue.
Respect of Tao and honor of Virtue are not demanded,
But they are in the nature of things.
Therefore all things arise from Tao. By Virtue they are nourished,
developed, cared for, sheltered, comforted, grown and protected.
Creating without claiming, doing without taking credit,
Guiding without interfering.
This is primal Virtue.

Secret Dakini Oracle 51 = : The Path of the Self related to Psyche evolution,
abandoning of restrictions made by the ego, adaptation, unconscious motivations.

Well dear cosmic conscious friends may this calendar be a guide in this open-minded and
philosophical year of the Thunder-Horse Sarvamangalam ( all sentient beings are happy)


You can get a PDF copy of this calendar by contacting the above email or website!
manojhermans@yahoo.co.uk ; www.akhaldan.info

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Akh means Heaven, Al is God and Dan signifies the Here and Now.(hemeltjegodhiernogaantoe)