Dear Akhaldanner,
We are glad to present to you the 34th AKHALDAN I CHING-DAKINI CALENDAR,
showing the Chinese Year of the Thunder-Monkey 2016 (
This year starts on Monday the 8th of February 2016 at 14:17 A.T. (Amsterdam Time) and
ends on Saturday the 28th of January 2017 at 00:01 A.T.

Attention: The Moon in the upper right corner of the little squares (vector) is not
shown every day, only when it enters in a new star sign. You can see when the Moon is
enlightened ‘ . When the same I Ching Hexagram happens the next day, with the same line
functioning and the Moon is in the same star sign, it is not repeated and shown. Gives me
more space to write down the oracle’s judgement (which specific line comes into existence) of
that specific day! Favourable or unfavourable!

The Chinese star sign Monkey is the Chinese equivalence of the Western star sign
Libra G the 2nd air-sign governed by Venus T meaning: Yin, receptivity, feminine, intuition,
grace, gentleness, teamwork, partnership, marriage, togetherness , matrimony, cooperation,
justice, judgement, conflicts, reconciliation, harmony, balancing. You never see a Monkey
alone, always in a group. Perfect Tree-beings, very social and good in imitating and fleeing
each other . A Monkey is very sensitive, intuitive and likes to share. He is YIN and very
moveable. The colour of the Year is blue and the tune SOL (G).
This year of the Thunder-Monkey is governed by the I Ching Hexagram 17:

Thunder below/ Lake above

The Judgement
In following be steadfast and consistent;
and if one would be one who is followed, one must first follow in the right
The Image
As Thunder withdraws to its winter rest, so too, the wise man allows himself rest.
He follows and looks to the law of Nature

Lao Tse says about 17 :
The very highest is barely known by men.
Then comes that which they know and love.
Then that which is feared,
Then that which is despised’
He who does not trust enough will not be trusted.
When actions are performed
Without unnecessary speech,
People say “We did it”.

The Secret Dakini Oracle 17: Islands of Jewels
The realization of hopes and aspirations,
inspiration and insight, spiritual possibilities.
Highly auspicious boon card.
The Adamantine Body of Light,
an island consisting of 12 jewels symbolizing the exalted zodiac-signs.

is an astro-ecological society of learned beings like you and me, founded in Amsterdam since May 1983.
Akh means Heaven, Al is God and Dan signifies the Here and Now. In Dutch (hemeltjegodhiernogaantoe).
Well dear cosmic conscious friends may this calendar be a guide in this receptive, intuitive and blessed year of the

Sarvamangalam ( all sentient beings are happy) ;
You can get a PDF copy of this calendar by contacting the above email or website
To get your full material, emotional and spiritual fulfilment out of this calendar, you
first of all need a meditative mind and an I Ching Book and/or a Dakini Oracle Book.
Because every day has its I Ching Hexagram or Dakini number. These oracles are analogue
in their 64 ways of entities.

Let’s take for instance: Friday 6th of May 2016
New Moon in Taurus (  )at 19:11 A.T. ( Amsterdam Time).
The best day to plant your seeds!
There are 3 stars ‘enlightened’, represented in three minor Tarot cards:
(Success = 6 Disks; Worry = 5 Disks; Oppression = 10 Wands) .
”’ stars means that 4th line of the I Ching Hexagram number 47:
“Oppression“ starts functioning with Nine at the 4th place means:
Oppressed while in a golden carriage
and on the level of the 4th chakra (Heart) for the secret Dakini Oracle:
communal happenings, social consciousness.
(see Tree of Life further on in this calendar).
New Moon in Taurus →  6 B ‘
19:11 A.T.
47 ”’ ← 3 stars enlightened
I Ching meaning → Oppression
Dakini meaning → Horse play
Sow your seeds
The Universal TAO functions the whole year and can be seen as background music of the
occurring INDIVIDUAL Tao’s of the day. On a ”’ day the 4th line of the universal TAO
(17 for this year of the Thunder-Monkey ) can be read: Followed by flatterers. Be sincere
‘ = Enlightened position of a planet in our solar system, expressed by a tarot card!
The enlightened positions of the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in this year of the
Thunder-Monkey 2017
‘ Moon in Taurus (  ) = Success = 6 of the disks
‘ Moon in Cancer (  ) = Luxury = 4 of the cups
‘ Moon in Libra (  ) = Peace = 2 of the disks
‘ Moon in Sagittarius (  ) = Strength = 9 of the wands
‘ Moon in Aquarius (  ) = Futility = 7 of the swords
‘ Jupiter in Libra (  ) = Truce = 4 of the swords
‘ Saturn in Sagittarius (  ) = Oppression = 10 of the wands
The Tree of Life is like the ‘Human Spine’! In the back of the human creature we
find, with the Head, the 7 chakra’s (energy knots). They go from below (1st chakra =
sex) to above, the Head (7th chakra = crown = enlightenment).
The same thing happens with the I Ching Hexagram, the lines go from below to above!
On a zero star day ( . ) the first (lowest) line of the I Ching hexagram comes into
existence. The first chakra (sex) is reincarnated (instincts, physical-animalistic
On an one star day ( ‘ ) the 2nd line of the I Ching number starts functioning
and the 2nd chakra (spleen = health) is reincarnated (own interest, individualistic
ideals, earthly business).
On a two star day ( ” ) the 3rd line, the 3rd chakra (navel = vitality) comes into
existence (physical human happenings, materialistic ideals).
On a three star day ( ”’ ) the 4th line, chakra (heart = emotion) communal
happenings, social consciousness.
On a four star day ( ”” ) the 5th line, chakra (throat = dreams) authority,
spiritual power, management.
On a five star day ( ””’ ) the line at the top, the 6th chakra (head = intellect)
comes into existence (wisdom, cosmic ideals, enlightened subjects).
On a six star day ( ””” ) the whole hexgaram will be completed and often
turns into another one. For the ‘Secret Dakini Oracle’ the crown chakra =
enlightenment is happening, being in Nirvana.
On a seven star day ( ”””’ ), very rare on Mother Earth, we are even above
enlightenment! In the 8th HEAVEN with Avalokiteshvara…