An I Ching review of the year 2006 ( Dog ).

In one way the Chinese Year of the Earth-Dog ( loyal and generous ) is very special: The occurrence of some I Ching Hexagram in long sequence, that means for a long period of time. It signifies that, during this year, most of the days only have * or ** stars enlightened, that in general we are moving in the material, earthly part of the existence and the I Cing trinity (Earth-Human-Heaven).

On a zero, one ( * ) and two ( ** ) star day, there is no change of an I Ching Hexagram! For that reason an I Ching Oracle entity can exists for a long time, even nearly a month.

Here below you find a list of the I Ching number, which occur the most days in this year.

 Hexagram 14 ( Heaven below; Fire above ) = Wealth happens in total for 40 days, mainly in springtime ( march and April), but also in autumn.

Hexagram 44( Wind below; Heaven above ) = Coming to meet occurs for 38 days, mainly in December and even enlightened in January 2007!

Hexagram 30 ( Fire below; Fire above ) = The Clinging exists for 37 days in this year, mainly in august 2006.

Hexagram 26( Heaven below; Mountain above ) = The taming power of the Great happens totally for 30 days in this year, mainly in October 2006.

Hexagram 1 ( Heaven below; Heaven above ) = The Creative occurs for21 days, mainly end November, beginning December.

Hexagram 33 ( Mountain below; Heaven above ) = retreat exists for 19days, mainly in February 2006, also in November.

Hexagram 9 ( Heaven below; Wind above ) = The taming power of the Gentle happens for 13 days, mainly November 2006 and February 2007.

Notice how many times Heaven plays a role, especially when you look at the trigrams, which constitutes the hexagram and wonder how the yin – yang process functions in this year, so magical and of a great cosmic order.

44( Wind below; Heaven above ) Coming to meet is opposite to 9 ( Heaven below; Wind above )The taming power of the Gentle.

26 ( Heaven below; Mountain above ) The taming power of the Gentleis opposite to

33 ( Mountain below; Heaven above ) retreat !!!

All this is very interesting and could be more deepened by reading the specific I Ching Oracle yourself. One can see that there is a very deep harmony in the cosmic processing of the stars! I hope that all of you get the good advice of the holy book in due time.

Sarvamangalam (that all sentient beings may be happy), Manoj.

Dear Akhaldanner, Amsterdam, 16 September 2005 ;

the 23rd AKHALDAN I Ching Calendar

Dear Akhaldanner,

Voici the 23rd AKHALDAN I Ching Calendar presenting the Chinese Year of the proud and analyzing Earth-Rooster .
This year starts on Tuesday the 8th of February 2005 at 21.49 Amsterdam Time and ends on Sunday the 29th of January 2006 at 14.34.

The Rooster is the Chinese equivalence of the western star sign Virgo meaning: Labour, health, the eye for the detail, labour relations, obliging ness, analyzing power, the thinking process, consciousness, cooking, organizing power, the staff, management and awareness.

Virgo is governed by the planet Mercury what stands for the mind, consciousness , The colour of this Year is yellow and the tune is “ Mi “ ( E ).

The indication of this Year of the Earth-Rooster is:
Finding one’s own light; going inward; completion; harvest; resting in one’s own centre; wise guide; search for internal fulfilment; reposing in oneself; bringing all important details to completion; search for deeper and meaningful relations; heeding the inner wisdom and sharing with people who understand.

Well dear cosmic conscious friends may this calendar be a guide in this analyzing, searching for the inner light year of the earth-rooster, sarvamangalam