To get your full material, emotional and spiritual fulfilment out of this calendar, you first of all need a meditative mind and an I Ching Book and/or a Dakini Oracle Book, because every day has its I Ching Hexagram and Dakini number. These oracles are analogue in their 64 ways of entities.

Let’s take for instance: Monday the 14th of May 2018:

New Moon in Taurus ( on Tuesday the 15th of May )at 12:04 A.T. ( Amsterdam Time).

The best days to plant your seeds!

There are 3 stars ‘enlightened’, represented by 3 Tarot cards:

(Success = 6 Disks; Worry = 5 Disks and Work = 3 Disks) .

*** 3 stars means that the fourth line of the I Ching Hexagram number 44 starts functioning and on the level of the 4th chakra (heart) for the secret Dakini oracle (see Tree of Life further on in this calendar).

May 14th

New Moon in Taurus

12:04 A.T. (15th)

The I Ching Hexagram of this day . 44 *** 3 stars enlightened


Sow your seeds!

The Universal TAO functions the whole year and can be seen as background music of the occurring INDIVIDUAL Tao’s of the day. On a *** day the fourth line of the universal TAO (36 for this year of the Fire-Dog ) can be read.

* = Enlightened position of a planet in our solar system, expressed by a tarot card!

The enlightened positions of the Moon in this year of the

Fire-Dog 2018

* Moon in Taurus ( ) = Success = 6 of the disks

* Moon in Cancer ( ) = Luxury = 4 of the cups

* Moon in Libra ( ) = Peace = 2 of the disks

* Moon in Sagittarius ( ) = Strength = 9 of the wands

* Moon in Aquarius ( ) = Futility = 7 of the swords