conscious labour and intentional …


Every three-cerebral(three-brained) being called ‘Human’ or (Homo Sapiens), has the opportunity in his or her life to grow nearer to an awakened or enlightened state of existence.
A three-brained being because every human possesses a body, soul and mind. He/she can do, feel and think.

So not only the mind has a brain, also the soul and the body. The Human, as a trinity, can become more awakened or enlightened, because of the ego (the sun  = one’s starsign) and the reflection of that ego ( the moon  in one’s horoscope).
the SUN = own essence means;  ‘conscious labour’,
the MOON = meditation means;  ‘intentional suffering’.

A human life is totally wasted, when one lives with unconscious labour and unintentional suffering.
One has to ask the question: ‘ Who am I and what is my mission impossible in this valley of tears called Mother Earth’?
By transforming the ego into conscious labour and the meditation into intentional, volentary suffering, the three-cerebral being can transcend from an animalistic to a human and then to a divine state of realisation (from 0 to ******).
The ultimate goal of human existence is the divine, that paradise like state of life, breathing in peace and harmony with the cosmos.

This reincarnation place ‘Earth’ can only change from a place of suffering, sorrow and misery into earth-paradise, when the Demons :
Greed, Jaleausy, Morbidity and Fraud have no more influence in human life because of the lack of fears!
They can be replaced by the Angels : Creativity, Favour, Health and Honesty’ !
A country, that is governed by cunningness, deceit, greed and sickness, will grow unnaturally and this will not stand for long!!!
At the opposite a country, that is governed by light, consciousness, health, honesty and creativity, will grow naturally and will stand for a long time .

For life and the ‘Trinity’ of doing, feeling and thinking, here are 3 treasures from:

Body: I can fast.
Soul: I can wait.
Mind: I can think or not think.

Lao Tse
Never too much.
Never want to be the first in the world.