Fu Shi and the daily cycle of 24 hours.

Fu Shi and the daily cycle of 24 hours.

How in early times the day and night were characterized.

Scheme of the day in a natural economy without electricity!


            About 5000 years ago there lived in Central Asia a philosopher named Fu Shi. In good health he got very old (more than 300 years) because he was a vegetarian and from the very clean elements and nature with very old trees around. He could experience many times the cycle of the seasons and the passing of the stars, which give him deep insight in the cosmic laws. He discovered the 12 Chinese star signs by following the 4 seasons and the 8 elements by the happenings on Earth.

            The 4 universal elements: Heaven (Air), Earth, Fire and Water

            The 4 ‘earthly’ elements: Thunder, Wind, Mountain and Lake

These 8 elements are represented in so-called ‘trigrams’ (3 lines) and in combination with each other create 64 ‘Hexagrams’( 6 lines). In this way Fu Shi created the I Ching  the Book of Changes (further deepening Richard Wilhelm  I Ching). He discovered the polarity or TAO (Yin/Yang):

            Heaven (Yang) opposite Earth (Yin)

            Fire (Yang)       opposite Water (Yin)

            Thunder (Yang) opposite Wind (Yin)

            Mountain (Yang) opposite Lake (Yin)

And he saw the same cosmic law in the 12 Chinese star signs:

            The Rabbit (Water, feelings, dream) opposite the Rooster (Earth, thinking, conscious)

            The Dragon (Air, social, international) opposite the Dog (Fire, ego, energy)

            The Snake (Earth, outside world, vocation) opposite the Swine (Water, inside world, meditation)

            The Horse (Fire, faith, wisdom) opposite the Rat (Air, curious, nervous)

            The Goat (Water, immaterial, passion) opposite the Buffalo (Earth, material, keeping)

            The Monkey (Air, cooperation, sharing) opposite the Tiger (Fire, own wisdom, getting).

            These opposites come and go always in the same pattern, like we can see in the 4 seasons.

            Spring (Tiger, Buffalo, Rat), Summer (Swine, Dog, Rooster), Autumn (Monkey, Goat, Horse) and Winter (Snake, Dtagon, Rabbit). In the western astrology we see just the same (from Aries to Phisces).

            So also every year has his own Star Sign with corresponding I Ching Hexagram number. Like 2013 is the Year of the Thunder-Snake with the combination of Thunder below and Wind above creating number:

42 “INCREASE” (See the Wheel of Fu Shi www.akhaldan.info)

            The Chinese New Year starts, since the discovery by Philosopher Fu Shi, always with new moon in Aquarius (Chinese is Dragon), which date changes every year! It is a very cosmic reference point (international, social, clever).

In sharp contrast we see the New Year happening in the West (unfortunately more and more imitated by the East). This always happens on the first of January  at 00.00 hour!?  Not cosmic at all! Very unfortunate also because with the Sun in Capricorn, mid-winter, there is rigidity, power and control. No friendship like Aquarius! It is a time scheme made by human hands, not cosmic at all!

How different Fu Shi saw this.

The cosmic Wheel of Life  for the day and night time starts with the Rabbit by Sunrise till about 2 hours later ( = 10 kilometre as a healthy man can walk). Time to wake up and to clean the body from the dirty stuff of last day and evening. A moment for the intestines and bladder, bathroom time.

Then the Dragon appears for 2 hours. Time for the stomach. Time for Break slow   and to drink the lovely Dutch Spirit Herb tea. Better than coffee!.

2 hours for Noon (Sun at the highest point) the Snake changes the vibrations. Time and space for public life, work and marketplace. A moment for the spleen till the Sun is highest!

The Horse is seen now for about 2 hours. A moment for brunch,  philosophy and the meaning of life. Time for the heart.

Then appears the Goat about 4 hours before sunset. Really tea time, because this is the time to use the healing power of the herbs! A moment for the small intestines.

The Monkey 2 hours before sunset, time and place for the bladder, sure after so much herb tea from Dutch Spirit!

Just after sunset appears the Rooster, time and place for the kidneys! This period duress about 2 hours (= 10 kilometre as a healthy man can walk)

Then the Dog, a period for sex and blood circulation,  

2hours before the sun on the deepest point (midnight) appears the Swine time and space for the triple warmer  (a meridian which stimulates the inner organs in the Hara (stomach region))

At midnight we see the Rat with the organ gall-bladder in every body.2 hours time to dedicate this incredible physical existence. Time and place should suit this fundamental organ!

2 hours after midnight appears the Buffalo. Time and space for the liver, that really miracle organ for cleaning the blood.

And at the end of the cycle, 2 hours before sunrise, the Tiger with the Lungs as fundamental organ during this time of the day. Time and Space should be as much as possible in harmony with the Animal and his organ.

In a natural economy we know 4 important moments in a day and night:

Sunrise (Spring), Noon (Summer),Sunset (Autumn) and Midnight (Winter).

24 hours with 12 Chinese Animal Signs make about 2 hours for each Star sign.


Let’s go start the day again, but now more concentrated on what human beings nowadays are doing around that specific moments of the day! You will be amazed about the difference of a natural or a so called electri(city) economy!

A “New Age” footage is of course also possible. So you will see how you can live in harmony with the moments of the day, count for the animal!

SUNRISE: The Rabbit, good-natured, element water, dreams, reflections. Time for meditation, retreat, cleaning mind, body and soul. The own cosy surrounding is very important now, the bathroom. Doing Yoga/Thai Chi or so is very good, of course before breakfast  Love your intestines and bladder this time. The electricity people (elec folk)are mostly driving their cars in a traffic jam, meanwhile smart phoning all the time!

2 hours later: The Dragon, clever, international, air, social, the group/clan. The Wind in the Heaven! Place; breakfast table? Have a nice Break Slow with raw food and Dutch Spirit herb tea. Love you stomach during these moments, where you should be not in a hurry! Fast food means slow digestion! The elec folk doing face book or sitting in a traffic jam again, work in office, drinking a lot of coffee etc.?

Then the Snake, 2 hours before Noon, sneaky, cunning. tricky. Dishonest, corrupt! Time and place for the outside world of career, job, marketplace etc. The public world. In stead of really loving the spleen with Dutch Spirit Stomach and Intestines tea, this cleaning organ is under continuous attack by stress and again coffee.

            The Sun at the highest point (Noon) the Horse comes galloping. Very impatient, philosophical, wise and ever more longing for insight. Nowadays we call it ‘brunch time’, “frühshoppen’ in German, meaning take time for a preferable international philosophical talk or conversation (a lot of  I phone and/or  face booking instead nowadays). It is the time and place for the heart, so the best time to drink Dutch Spirit Heart Herb Tea.

            2 hours later the Goat , who is loveable, immaterial, and esoteric, appears with time for the  small intestines. Perfect tea time. In old cultures, like in Japan, there exists a tea ceremony which could long 2 hours. Very solemn and sacred moments shared just by drinking a cup of tea. Here the Dutch Spirit Herb teas (www.dutchspirit.info)  are a good alternative for coffee, used normally at schools, offices and construction sites around this time.

2 hours before sunset the Monkey is there. Cooperative, moveable, always together with more monkeys!. This is really a moveable time and place , because many people are again standing in a traffic jam, going home, doing shopping, getting the kids from school etc.

All very stressy  and not good for the bladder  at all. Drinking a lot of ‘good’ water and pissing is good during these changeable moments (how you can piss sitting in a traffic jam?) Better is to spend this time for sun gazing, if possible  just before sunset..

            Sunset, the Day turns into the Night. The Sun disappears and the Stars shine in the darkness. The Rooster, proud, analytical, conscious, good in labour and health. Time and place to do alchemy, to cook, to be in the kitchen! The physical attention is all on the kidneys, which profit by drinking a lot of good water, slow and long chewing and the absence of stress. Not by fast foods and slow digestion.

            2 hours later time and place for the Dog with the sex and blood circulation.

Nowadays people are spending a lot of time behind screens and transforming themselves into ‘screen junkies’. That is very bad for the eyes and blood circulation. For these screen junkies we have Dutch Spirit Eye herb tea (www.dutchspirit.info). How many hours a day an average person sits behind a screen (TV. , computer. Handy etc)? Is that good for their eyes and movement. One can spend the dark evening also with less electricity, more candle lights and silence.

            The Swine coming 2 hours before midnight, Honest, meditative, collective unconscious. Time and place for the Triple Warmer. Many are during this time hooked by television and sit still. Which is not good for this unique organ.. What a neglect. One should have sex, a good massage or another nice warm exercise just before sleeping. One should not eat and drink very little, because during sleep al this food will come up!

            10 kilometre as a healthy man can walk later we see the Rat. Pugnacious, anxious, curious, nervous with weak breathing! Time and space for the gall-bladder. To sleep is good during this time, but a lot of people like to go out during this time, so between 11.30 hours and 01.30 hour in the night! And like to drink alcohol and smoke nicotine during this very vulnerable period. Crazy and insane! They call destroying their liver, brains and lungs Pleasure!? How you can serve your gall-bladder best during these moments? Not by sitting in a bar or disco!

            2 hours later the Buffalo. Meek, soft-natured, receptive, materialistic. Organ now is the liver! Well we know that the liver, thick as your fist,  collects all poisons in the blood and that alcohol and tobacco  contains a lot of poison! To sleep is the best at this time and the place should be the sleeping room.

            2 hours before Sunrise there is the Tiger. Audacious, active, independent, own wisdom, own dreams. The Wind over the Earth. The moment with the most fresh air and silence, organ the lungs. Most people are at sleep during this period and the place is of course the sleeping room. That is why we have so much fresh air and silence. Conclusion: When most people are awake, they produce more or less bad air (car driving) and noise! The birds however not! They wake us up with beautiful songs and harmonies in total fresh air.

            For most of the people from Swine till Rabbit (from about 10 in the evening till 6 in the morning) is this sleep and dream time, where one can transcend ego and mind. The ego with his mind, soul and body is temporarily put out of business, so one can restore oneself for the next ego and senses consuming day. It is a good time for the triple warmer, gall-bladder, liver and lungs Still there are a lot of folks who do the opposite. They go out, drink and smoke. Meanwhile destroying their inner organs, especially the liver and the lungs!!!

            A natural, harmonic society is build upon this wheel of life, with the inner organs at certain moments of the day.

            The ever turning Wheel of Life,, also called the Wheel of illusionary existence, is beautiful painted by Romio Shesta in a Tibetan mandala. It is a manifestation of SAMSARA, the world of 1001 things and emotions, which in reality are illusions MAHAMAYA.

            The Wheel knows 6 Lokas (6 different manifestations, worlds) characterised by unenlightened and enlightened communities. 2 Lokas for the animals and animalistic people (orks) below in the Wheel takes the most space. These are worlds full of ignorance, hate and suffering. In the middle left and right we see the Human World, 2 lokas, one world for the lower human (lot of  material and emotional attachment) and another for the higher human (still with emotional and spiritual attachments).  Above in this Wheel of daily/yearly life or manifestation we see 2 Lokas. for the divine NIRVANA (expressed by a Buddha figure on a cloud realizing the world of no attachments and enlightenment.

            In the centre of this beautiful mandala, often created in Thanka’s, we find connected to each other 3 Chinese astrological animals; a Swine (unconscious, honest), Rooster (conscious, proud)  and a Snake (cunning, dishonest) characteristic expressing ignorance, aggression and fraud, which create worlds of suffering and dissatisfaction. The lowest animalistic expression with Greed, Jealousy, Morbidity and Fraud takes the most space in the circle and is created by the monster FEAR, which in fact is pure illusionary mind stuff!

            Only people with fear are greedy etc. When you allow one demon, the tree others  will follow! In these lowest Lokas there we find the rotting process needed to create the beautiful lotusflower called ENLIGHTENMENT expressed by a Buddha on a cloud. Even in the darkest regions he appears, meaning that in the darkest tunnel of life their can be seen a healing light, the darker the tunnel, the ……..  the light! All is working in a big YIN/YANG process. The unconscious creates the conscious, the outside (dishonesty) creates the inside (meditation). We need the biggest Lie to find the deepest Truth! So in this year of the Thunder-Snake the capacity to be spontaneous and honest will worth like gold!

            Al is de leugen nog zo snel, de waarheid achterhaalt haar wel”.

            Altough the Lie seems to ga fast and win, the Truth will over run it.


Manoj Hermans