Healthy, meditative cosmic new year starts on Thursday 3 February 2011


Stichting Akhaldan wenst jullie een vrijheidslustig, bezinnend, grensverleggend en gezond nieuwjaar toe van de lichtgroene Donderhaas.

Akhaldan Foundation wishes you for the new year of the light-green Thunder rabbit a great lust for Freedom, meditation, new Frontiers and Health

“Royal Dutch Spirit’  (

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Positive influence of the Occult, influence of Forces, Transport and Delight, change of residence, development, ecstacy of transport out of the physical body, crystalization of the powers of visualisation, a strong desire not to be bound up by the physical world.                         Meditate on this card as a form of the Liberated Spirit, the Astral Body, higher aspirations along a ecstatic lines and the potency of a moment of harmony and balance, Flying Carpet a vehicle linking the worlds of Reality and Surreality!