How to use the I Ching Calendar

To get your full material, emotional and spiritual fulfilment out of this calendar, you first of all need a meditative mind and an I Ching Book and/or a Dakini Oracle Book, because every day has its I Ching Hexagram or Dakini number. These oracles are analogue in their 64 ways of entities.

Let’s take for instance Saturday  the 4th of May 2019:
New Moon in Taurus at 23:26 uur A.T. (Amsterdam Time)
The best day and the day after to plant your seeds!
There are 3 stars ‘enlightened’, represented in three Tarot cards (Success = 6 Disks; Completion = 4 Wands;  and Cruelty = 9 Swords).
Three stars means that the fourth line of the I Ching Hexagram number 62 starts functioning and on the level of the 4th chakra ( Heart = Emotion, communal happenings, social consciousness)) for the secret Dakini oracle. (See also the Tree of Life).

The Date
4th of May 2019

New Moon in Taurus
23:26 A.T.
The I Ching Hexagram of this day   62 *** (Three stars enlightened)

The I Ching meaning of this day: Great Smallness

The Secret Dakini Dangerous Pussy 

Sow your seeds!

* a star = Enlightened position of a planet in our solar system, expressed by a tarot card!

The enlightened positions of the Moon in this year of the Fire-Swine 2019

Moon in Taurus  =  Success = 6 of the disks
Moon in Cancer  = Luxury = 4 of the cups
Moon in Libra   = Peace = 2 of the disks
Moon in Sagittarius = Strength = 9 of the wands
Moon in Aquarius = Futility = 7 of the swords