I Ching Hexagram/ Dakini review of the Tiger-Year 2022.

In this Chinese year we see some hexagrams / Dakinis appearing more then other.

First one (most appearing) 29 “Water; Danger; the Abyss” Self-preservation
(End of June, July, beginning of August). It occurs 66 days during this year, so be aware!

Second: Hexagram 46 “Pushing upward; Growth; Construction” Abundance
Occurs 40 days during this year (autumn 2022)

Third: Hexagram 28 “Great Heaviness; Excess of the Great; Inner Strength” Cosmic Carrot
Happens for 29 days over this year.

Fourth: Hexagram 55 “Äbundance; Fullness; Time of unfolding” Totally Bananas
Occurs, happens for 28 days during this year. Is also the Universal TAO of the Tiger-Year!

Fifth: Hexagram 43 “Break through; Resoluteness;the Realisation” Mount Meru
Happens 14 days in this year.

Astrological review of 2022

Some remarkable astrological occurencess happen in this Tiger Year!
Venus wanders a very long time in Capricorn, (from the 6th of November 2021 till
the 7th of March 2022). 4 months during winter time! Meaning the intuition, feeling
in the outside World. Not a favorite position for this star. In the beginning a
morning star and at the end an evening star. How to handle the emotions in the
hard, materialistic world of business, profession and politics.

Mars flies very long in Gemini (from the 20th of August 2022 till 27th of March
2023). 7 months actions in the communication creating cruelty (9 of the Swords),
meaning; cruelty to yourself; self-accusation; punishing yourself; heartless passion;
fanaticism; revenge; passive resistance and martyrdom.
It shows your tendency to put yourself down cruelly. You have to recognize and
fully see this behavior pattern, before you will be able to overcome it.
Affirmation: “I am loved, simply i am the way i am”..

Jupiter in Phisces; Expansion in own well-being that creates Happiness (9 of the
cups) meaning: bliss; overflowing love; deep joy and blessings.
This happens from the 29th of December 2021 till the 11th May 2022 and from the
29th of October 2022 till the 21st of December 2022.
Affirmation: “Happiness is my natural condition”.
Breath and feel! If you are alone, enjoy your solitude. If you are with others enjoy
their presence! If you have a job to do, do it in silent devotion.

Saturn goes the whole year through Aquarius meaning: Restriction in international
relations/possibilties/ brotherhood, low level of altruism, splitting up society into two
different fractions (parties), decrease of social relations.