introducing the Chinese Year of the Fire-Dog 2018

We are glad to present to you the 36th AKHALDAN I CHING-DAKINI CALENDAR, showing the Chinese Year of the Fire-Dog 2018 .

This year starts on Thursday the 15th of February 2018 at 20:45 A.T. (Amsterdam Time) and ends on Monday the 4th of February 2019 at 20:50 A.T.

Attention: The Moon in the upper right corner of the little squares (vector) is not shown every day, only when it enters in a new star sign. And is written in normal language! You can see when the Moon is enlightened * . When the same I Ching Hexagram happens the next day, with the same line functioning and the Moon is in the same star sign, it is not repeated and shown. Gives me more space to write down the oracle’s judgement, which specific line comes into existence on that specific day! Favourable or not favourable! Fortune or misfortune Also the Secret Dakini meaning is given!

This year will be the opposite of the Thunder-Rooster 2017. There many days very high with many stars enlightened, here very low, down to Earth, with on many days only one or two stars enlightened. Even zero star days appearing! This means also that for a long time, even months, the same I Ching Hexagram and Dakini number is happening! Very unusual!

The Chinese star sign Dog is the Chinese equivalence of the Western star sign Leo. This sign is governed by the Sun, the second Fire sign, meaning: Yang, outgoing, Ego, fire, energy, self-confidence, generosity, appearance, products of art, parties, education, love experiencing, to be in the spot light. Weak organ is the heart and blood circulation. Loyalty is the special characteristic of this animal. The colour of the Dog is orange and the tune is Re (D).

This year of the Fire-Dog is governed by the I Ching Hexagram 36:

Fire below/ Earth above
Darkening of the Light

The Judgement

In adversity one must be persevering. The Light is veiled, not extinguished.
By clarity within and devotion without, one can overcome the greatest adversity.

The Image

As the Light sinks into the Earth, so does the wise man live with the world.
He veils his light, yet still he shines.

Lao Tse says about 36 :

That which shrinks, must first expand.
That which fails, must first be strong.
That which is cast down, must first be raised.
Before receiving, there must be giving.
This called perception of the nature of things.
Soft and weak overcome hard and strong.
Fish cannot leave deep waters and a country weapons should not be displayed.

The Secret Dakini Oracle 36: Guardian

Entry into higher Tantric initiations, potent Protection, the burning up of all illusory concepts, firm roots on the Spiritual Path, the Guide.


is an astro-ecological society of learned beings like you and me, founded in Amsterdam since May 1983.

Akh means Heaven, Al is God and Dan signifies the Here and Now. In Dutch (hemeltjegodhiernogaantoe).

Well dear cosmic conscious friends may this calendar be a guide in this egocentric, energetic and dark year of the Fire-Dog

Sarvamangalam ( all sentient beings are happy),

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