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Once upon a time…a long time ago…about 2500 years, there lived a Prince. A very beautiful prince, who stayed in a marble palace, beside a big lake, at the foot of a huge mountain.
He dwelled in total glamour, wore natural-silk clothes. He was respected and surrounded by the most beautiful, handsome and clever high priest and priestesses of the country called ‘Bhutan’.
On his 29th birthday, he left his palace in the night, to return one time only, much later in his life.

Why did he leave, as a thief in the night, his palace, his own luxury? Why? Because he had reached, everything a human being could achieve. He was a prince, with a great ego, many friends, material goods and a great mind. He was a highly literated, handsome prince!

Was that really everything one could reach in a human life?

An ‘Ego’, an individuality…such a temporary thing in the cosmos, like having an ego!

And then ‘Friends’, or better said; enemies, vampires, who suck out your spiritual juice, when you are dead and even when your alive! Even Death has no respect for friends or enemies! Having friends is such a momentary thing!

And then the material goods, including having a body, with all the 1001 things, as natural-silk clothes, marble stairs, beautiful carved boats, all that good food and drinks. Oh, how temporary that all is!
And then the 4th obstacle; the most difficult during life, the easiest during the sleep, the ‘little death’. The ‘Mind’, the thinking, the thoughts. Not the thinking of others, not the thought-papers (books), no the ‘self-thought, the own mind.

Yes, all that was temporary, momentary, transient, not permanent, not eternal!

What was then eternal, ever-lasting, infinite?



Yes, that’s why he left his congenial surrounding. He gave his natural-silk clothes to a beggar, just passing by. Took his old outfit and left the ‘civilized’ world. He became a Saddhu, a Yogi, a Sannyasin, a Searcher for the Truth!

He withdrew himself into the jungle of the Himalayas and meditated under a huge tree, which looked like a big beach, surrounded by vines of other big trees of at least 40 meter high. A huge ‘Bodhi tree” in the gianglia.

After 6 years of meditation, this human being, now looking more like a bearded monkey with long hair, experienced his most difficult test.

All his former luxury and glamour came back for real! Only more tempting. The beautiful women, the good food and drink, the beautiful garments, the lovely bath…everything so real, that this former prince, who was now existing as a yogi, asked all the animals in the jungle for help!

Yes, all the animals in the gianglia, and there are many of them in the jungle. Although there were so many, after a while, there appeared only 12…twelve, later ‘holy’ declared animals for this prince, this yogi, later called Buddha, Gautama the Buddha and finally Maitrya the Buddha!

At Sunrise appeared as the first one the ‘RABBIT’.

This animal helped Buddha the most, because he was the happiest and most good-natured animal in Buddha’s Kingdom.

Therefore the Rabbit helped Buddha, while making a beautiful ‘fis’ of ‘F’ sound, to see the so called realities like friends, ego, thinking and materiality (samsara) for what they really are. Worthless, without any value for the eternal world (nirvana). Their existence is


The Rabbit taught Buddha to withdraw, to go into isolation, to go deep inside into his own inner world, to meditate and to live in his own cave.

One month, a moon’s cycle, one Moon long or two hours that morning, during Sunrise, Buddha and the ‘light-green’ Rabbit were together and this was the deepening of the ‘Subconscious’, the unknown inner world.

The Rabbit showed Buddha the ‘Indolence’ (8 cups), ‘Happiness‘ (9 cups) and ‘Satiety‘ (10 cups) and Buddha learned to live with them.

After the ‘good-natured’ Rabbit , two hours after Sunrise, the ‘clever’ DRAGON appeared.

He was clever, because he gave a lot of attention for the Others, friends and enemies, the people of society. The Dragon was social! He always put the others in the foreground and lost therefore very easy his ego, his individuality, his own self.

The Dragon showed Buddha the suffering, the pain of others.

Through this Buddha came to his highest conclusion, that the ‘ever-lasting’ thing in human life was, is and will be ‘Suffering’…and that the only possible way of life can be to transcend this suffering: To know:

  • The result of human life is suffering,

  • The search for the cause of this suffering.

(The 4 demons in the Human Being to know ‘Greed, Jealousy, Morbidity and Deceit’)

  • The transcendence of the cause by;

  • The Eightfold Path , which says… do …

1 The right living = the ego = the Sun

2 The right meditation = the collective unconsciousness = the Moon

3 The right thinking = the consciousness = Mercury

4 The right doing = action = Mars

5 The right feeling = speech = Venus

6 The right belief = expansion = Jupiter

7 The right wearing out = restriction = Saturn

8 The right adoration of God = happiness = Earth,

the last one is the result of all the others.

The Dragon taught Buddha to know the Others, the society of people and showed him, while making a beautiful ‘la’ or ‘A’ sound, the illusionary state of the ‘Ego’ and ‘Friends’ or ‘Enemies’.

One Moon long (one month) or two hours each morning, Buddha and the ‘light-purple’ Dragon were together and this was the deepening of the ‘Social’.

The Dragon revealed to Buddha the ‘Defeat’ (5 swords), the ‘Science’(6 swords) and ‘Futility’ (7 swords) and Buddha learned to live with them.

After the clever Dragon appeared the ‘sly and cunning’ SNAKE on stage, with rather hypnotical eyes and a double tongue, he slithered his way down through the Bodhi tree, thereby producing a ‘fa’ or ‘F’ sound.

Oh, that beautiful Cobra with his cosmic energy, his every chancing of the skin, his cold, frigid, almost bloodless happening. He loved to bask in the Sun and that’s why he was attracted by Buddha’s aura.

The Snake showed Buddha the ‘cunningness’, the fraud, the deceit and the dishonesty in the outside world, the marketplace, the place of status, career, profession, prestige and power. Also the place for corruption, the abuse of power, name and fame, the morality, the conventionality, short said: ‘The world of the big Lie’!

These were Buddha’s most precarious, difficult and uncomfortable two hours and it seemed the longest lasting month.

Because didn’t the Snake reveal to Buddha his own big Lie, the life he had lived as a prince in a palace full of intrigues?

The Snake taught Buddha to deal with the conventional, the traditional and the agreement.

One moon long and two hours a day, when the Sun was almost on his highest spot in the South, Buddha and the ‘dark-green’ Snake were together and this was the deepening of the ‘Conventional’.

The Snake manifested Buddha the ‘Change’ (2 disks), ‘Work’ (3 disks) and ‘Power’ (4 disks) and Buddha learned to live with them.

After the ‘cunning’ Snake appeared the ‘impatient’ HORSE.

Naying, through the wide horizon galloping, sniffing full of impatience…till he was about 5 meters in front of Buddha.

” Oh, heaven here and now, which animal is this…exciting, magnificent, God expansion himself. One of the most beautiful four legged ones, who can ride and maybe reach Heaven “?, thought Buddha.

The Horse was miraculous standing still and he showed Buddha the Heaven. The Divine, the life opinion, the world of other cultures, the tolerance and the temperance. It was a very creative animal, philosophical and unfortunately somewhat too impatient! He produced

a very nice ‘la’ or ‘A’ sound, so that the surrounding became very broad-minded and religious.

One Moon long and two hours a day, around noon, Buddha and the ‘ purple-magenta’ Horse were together and deepened therefore the ‘Philosophical’.

This time passed very fast and just before it was too late, the Horse presented Buddha the ‘Swiftness’ (8 wands), the ‘Great Strength’ (9 wands) and the ‘Oppression’ (10 wands) and Buddha learned to live with that.

After the ‘impatient’ Horse came the ‘loveable’ GOAT or SHEEP.

A magical and immaterial appearance. Joyful, all enjoying!

The Goat taught Buddha, while making a high ‘do’ or ‘C’ sound, the lust and the pain, Eros and Thanatos, desire for sex and death, pleasure and suffering. This time of the day was surrounded by a veil of danger, water. Hot water…teatime. Therefore Buddha and the ‘ light-red’ Goat drank, as the highest divine lust, one moon long and two hours in the

afternoon herbtea. ‘Somawar in a Samowar’! Delicious herb tea with honey from the rhododendron made by jungle bees. By doing this, they deepened the ‘Magical’, the ‘Immaterial’.

The Goat used a lot of herbs, like; ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, mu, peppermint, nettles, longue herb, sage, salie olympus, pimpernel, plantain, hemp, chamomile, st Johns herb, bodhiblossom, apple- and cherrieblossom, rose flower, red clover, vervaine, chicorei, marihuana, guarana, and more, much more herbs and roots. Yes, in fact everything that was presented by the womb of Mother Earth in the form of leaves, buds, flowers and roots.

What a lovely teatime! For Buddha in fact the two most beautiful and intensive hours. A sense of ” Blessed are the poor of spirit (the alliterated), because they will inherit the Kingdom of God (Joy) “, filled his being.

The Goat manifested Buddha the ‘Disappointment’ (5 cups), the ‘Pleasure’ (6 cups) and the ‘Illusion’ (7 cups) and Buddha learned to live with that.

After the ‘loveable’ Goat, emerged the ‘moveable’ MONKEY, swinging from one branch to another in the Bodhi tree. In fact there was not one Monkey, the tree sheltered a whole family.

Although, also here was a Chief monkey sitting, about two hours before Sunset, very relaxed, near Buddha on a beautiful branch. Yes, this was a very beautiful ‘light-blue’ Chief monkey, who produced a nice ‘sol’ or ‘G’ sound, in which the surrounding became very feminine and intuitive

He taught Buddha everything about fruits, nuts and lice and also about the tree and the Wind!

It was really a miracle, because a Monkey, who sits still for two hours, is a Miracle! The Chief monkey controlled by his behaviour the whole clan. These were two ‘harmonic’ hours! Especially the juicy chewing of the mango’s, given by the young monkies with their fantastic imitation and movements of mime. Because imitating, reflecting, cooperating, fleeing

one another, judging and speaking justice, they could do as no other animal. Perfect beings of the trees!

The Monkey taught Buddha everything about the dependence, going along with a partner, long-term cooperation, intuition and decision.

One Moon long and two hours before Sunset, Buddha and the ‘light-blue’ Chief monkey were together and this was the deepening of the ‘Cooperative’.

The Monkey presented Buddha the ‘Peace’ (2 swords), the ‘Sorrow’ (3 swords) and the ‘Truce’ (4 swords) and Buddha learned to live with that.

After the ‘moveable’ Monkey appeared the ‘proud’ COCK or ROOSTER. Proud, searching and analyzing. He inherited the light, the Sun (fire)! Singing in a ‘mi’ or ‘E’ tune, oh so high, a beautiful coloured animal or land bird, who couldn’t fly?

In any case, he was fond of order, cleanliness, labour and health. He possessed a lot of consciousness and awareness. The Cock could see every detail and was therefore extraordinarily suited to find every seed and worm on Mother Earth.

The ‘dark-yellow’ Upper rooster taught Buddha to handle the 8 Elements, especially Fire, to cook and to use the ‘wadjang’, a Chinese way of cooking, without the use of water.

These two hours after Sunset were very good for labour and health, cooking, eating and chewing! Unfortunately the Cock spent more time cooking (organizing, thinking), than

chewing! Malfunction of the intestines (bad winds) was therefore a special characteristic of the

Roosters. Too much thinking causes the body energy to go to the head, instead of the belly!

One Moon long and two hours in the evening Buddha and the ‘dark-yellow’ Cock were

together and this was the deepening of the ‘Consciousness’.

The Rooster showed Buddha the ‘Prudence’ (8 disks), the ‘Gain’ (9 disks) and the ‘Wealth’ (10 disks) and Buddha learned to live with that.

After the’ proud’ Cock one could hear the ‘loyal’ DOG. Barking in a beautiful ‘re’ or ‘D’ tune, so that the surroundings became very energetic and sunny.

This animal in Buddha’s Kingdom was loyal, openhearted, compassionate confidentional, individual and full of self-confidence! He put himself always in the foreground. One big Ego, the opposite of the Dragon!

The Dog showed everything about himself and nothing about the others. Like a Mountain difficult to bypass.

He taught Buddha the self-confidence, the appearance, the parties and festivities, to be in the spotlight, the education of children, the love-experiences, the products of arts, the ceremonies, the homely circumstances and the festivities of the temple!

Really a ‘dog time’ about two till four hours after Sunset, a time where in the human world all the people want to show up (theatre, opera, bazaar etc.)

One Moon long and two hours in the evening Buddha and the ‘orange’ Dog were together, in which they deepened the ‘Individual’.

The Dog presented to Buddha the ‘Strife’ (5 wands), the ‘Victory’ (6 wands) and the ‘Valour’ (7 wands) and Buddha learned to live with that.

After the ‘loyal’ Dog appeared the ‘honest’ SWINE, about two hours before midnight Meditative, not thinking, familiar, reflecting, just like the Moon. That’s why the Pig inheritated the element Water. The Swine liked laying in the mud of a big Beachwood, while making a soft ‘si’ or ‘B’ sound, so that the surrounding became very intimate and cosy.

He loved the inner world, to reflect where you come from and where you go to, the meditation, the family traditions, the history, the arch life with the archetypes.

He was the opposite of the Snake. Due to his thick fat layer the Swine was the only animal in Buddha’s Kingdom, who could survive a poisoned bite of a Snake and therefore the Pig was the best snake hypnotiser!

The ‘violet’ Swine taught Buddha the family, the motherly, the protection and the protected, the tender and the deep, the unfathomable. He was honesty himself, couldn’t say no and inheritated therefore the element water, danger, depth, moon.

Yes with the Swine, Buddha could go far back in history and therefore also look into the future.

The Boar showed Buddha all about family traditions, relations and possibilities, everything about the ‘clan happening’, the ‘inside world’.

The Pig was perfectly suited to practice ‘Tantra’, the ‘letting go of the ego and mind’.

One very intensive Moon long or two hours in the late evening, Buddha and the ‘violet’ Swine were together, in which they deepened the ‘Collective Unconsciousness’.

The Swine presented to Buddha the ‘Love’ (2 cups), the ‘ Abundance’ (3 cups) and the ‘Luxury’ (4 cups) and Buddha learned to live with that.

Around midnight arrived the ‘pugnacious’ RAT.

A very anxious, nervous and moveable animal. He loved to communicate, to make short travels, to deal, to corresponde and to change goods and thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts! He produced therefore a strong ‘mi’ or ‘E’ sound, so that the surrounding became very anxious and curious!

He taught Buddha to deal with experiences coming out of anxiety. Everything that was new and modern, attracted the Rat. He was therefore a very extrovert, unstable and nervous animal and he went always into the world, just the opposite to the Rabbit! Indeed, he was very ‘unmeditative’!

The Rat taught Buddha all about the aggression of the anxious mind, the madness and the curiosity and also the possibility to deal with both thoughts and material goods.

One moon long or two hours every night, Buddha and the ‘light-yellow’ Rat were together and this was the deepening of the ‘Communicative’.

The Rat showed Buddha the ‘Interference’ (8 swords), the ‘Cruelty’ (9 swords) and the ‘Ruin’ (10 swords) and Buddha learned to live with them.

After the ‘pugnacious’ Rat appeared the ‘soft-natured’ WATER BUFFALO.

” What a beautiful, fertile and intuitive animal, acting with a dark-blue aura and soft ‘sol’ or ‘G’ sound, just like Mother Earth “, thought Buddha.

The Buffalo…material, fertile, receptive and intuitive.

The Water buffalo taught Buddha the beauty of the self, the own capital, the material to work with, the inner strength, the capacity to receive and showed to Buddha the incredible fertility of Mother Earth and with it, the attitude to deal with the material affairs, the luxury,

the comfort, the 1001 things, where so many human hearts are beating for!

Unfortunately could this addiction to the material create for the Buffalo to much ‘gravity’, so that he became to slow for enlightenment.

One Moon long and four till two hours before Sunrise, Buddha and the ‘dark-blue’ Buffalo were together and deepened therefore the ‘Material’.

The Water buffalo presented to Buddha the ‘Worry’ (5 disks), the ‘Success’ (6 disks) and the ‘Failure’ (7 disks) and Buddha learned to live with them.

About two hours before Sunrise appeared the ‘audacious’ TIGER under the Bodhi tree.

Alone, al…one, totally alone, exactly the opposite of the Monkey! The Tiger was fond of independence, freedom. You never could see a herd of tigers. This animal produced a low ‘do’ or ‘C’ sound, so that the surrounding became very active and free.

The Tiger taught Buddha to deal with the experience of the self, the experience of the own body and dreams, to know his ‘atman’, to be all-one, free and independent, to smell the flower and taste the fruit of freedom.

Therefore the doing, the activity had the first priority and you could see the Tiger as being very active, especially just before Sunrise.

One Moon long and two hours in the early morning, Buddha and the ‘dark-red’ Tiger were together and this was the deepening of the ‘Freedom’.

The Tiger showed Buddha the ‘Dominion’ (2 wands), the ‘Virtue’ (3 wands) and the ‘Completion’ (4 wands) and Buddha learned to live with that and ………………………………………………………….became at the moment when the first rays of the Sun emerged above the horizon, accompanied by a concert of flutes from at least 40 different kind of birds and a symphony created by all the sounds of the twelve animals, enlightened!

The melody of the animals sounded like this:

Do-sol-mi-si-re-mi-sol-do-la-fa-la-fa or C-G-E-B-D-E-G-C-A-F-A-F.

After 7 years of meditating under the bodhi tree in the jungle, He became enlightened, found the ‘Eternal, the ‘Everlasting’, the ‘Truth’.

On this memorable day, Buddha’s day of Enlightenment, a miracle happened! For the first and only time all the 12 , now ‘holy’, animals appeared at the same time before Buddha… in complete harmony, thanks to the enlightened quality of Buddha, the Upper rabbit and Upper monkey.

A ‘Miracle’, because the Rabbit harmonized with the Cock, the Dragon with the Dog, the Snake with the Swine, the Horse with the Rat, the Goat with the Water buffalo and the Monkey with the Tiger. All opposites in human characters formed a ‘Unity’, a ‘TAO’.

The ‘good-natured ness’ saw the ‘Proud’ and vice versa the ‘Proud’ saw the ‘Good-natured ness’ and both became therefore ‘enlightened’! So this happened with all the other characters in human life. The ‘Cleverness’ saw the ‘Loyalty’ and vice versa; The ‘Cunningness’ saw the ‘Honesty’;

The ‘Impatience’ the ‘Pugnacious’; The ‘Loveable’ the ‘Meek’ and the ‘Moveable’ saw the ‘Audaciousness’ and vice versa and all got enlightened by it!

It was the most beautiful day on Mother Earth…Gea. Com…pleted!

Then Buddha sang to the 12 holy animals the following in their language: ” There is just one day, this day. One day is one year! There is only one year, this year! This year has four seasons. The Sunrise is springtime, the Sun on its highest is the summer, the Sunset is autumn and the Sun on its lowest position is wintertime. One day has 4 seasons.

There is only one day, this day and one night, this night! The trees, plants, flowers, stones, yes even the animals feel only one day, this one. They live the year in 4 seasons. One day is one year and there is only one day, this one and therefore all the trees, plants, flowers, stones and animals are enlightened!

This is different in the so-called ‘civilized’ human world. There in Hell (samsara), one day is ‘only’ 24 hours (is in fact wrong, because in their way of thinking it should be exactly 23 hours and 56 minutes!). There in the Samsara, in this ‘unenlightened’ so-called human world, where they eat trees in the form of papers, drink motherly ‘earth milk’ in the form of

oil, there they teach their little kids in, what they call ‘schools’ (buildings, which look a little bit like prisons or zoo’s) three big Lies!

First: One day is 24 hours (8 hours to work, 8 hours to consume and 8 hours to sleep).

Second: 1 + 1 = 2 and

Third : The Earth is turning around the Sun ( this is the most ridiculous perception).

My dear and holy animals, can you imagine that? As we are sitting here all around this magnificent and beautiful Bodhi tree, that we are turning around our super Lord “Ors’, our Sun? ”

All the animals exploded now in sheer laughter in their own ways, this was ‘blowing their minds’! The very nice concert of flutes and melody of the animals changed into real laughter.

Even the wild orchids flowered spontaneously laughing, because they really couldn’t imagine, growing into the direction of the Sunlight, if the Sun was not turning around them!

The Sun rises just because the trees, the birds, the animals are singing, asking for it and not because the ‘humans’ drive their children in cars to school, where they have to read papers and think that 1=1=2, a day= 24 hours and that the Earth is turning around the Sun.

This concert of laughing in the jungle of animals, trees, plants, stones and Buddha, one could also call a ‘concert’ of crying. One big ‘weeping’ concert. Especially for the rabbits, horses, goats, cocks, swine’s, buffalo’s and tigers, because they were slaughtered, killed and massacred by millions, especially in the Western Hemisphere of Mother Earth!

Laughing and crying, it took at least one hour (half a Moon time). Then …after a sudden silence Buddha spoke:

” My dear holy animals, do not fool yourselves by the West. Sense, feel and do this continuously , that one day is one year and that there is only one year with 4 seasons. That one and one is three (see the Pyramid and the Yin-Yang symbol) and that the Sun is turning around us and therefore around the Earth, creating thereby the 4 seasons. This day is the first and only day of the rest of your life. Mind therefore your own birthday “!

He then looked at the ‘indigo’ Dragon and spoke:

” Blessed are the “Clever’, because they will inherit the space and the age of the THUNDER! ” On that moment the Dragon created, in view of all the animals, thunder and lightening and this frightened the Dog so mighty, that he almost had a heart attack. Fortunately Buddha harmonized the situation by looking at the ‘red’ Tiger and saying:

” Blessed are the ‘Audacious’, because they will inherit the space and the age of the WIND! ” After that the Wind drove the Thunder away, as this happened it worried the ‘dark-yellow’ Cock and Buddha looked at the Rooster and spoke:

” Blessed are the ‘Proud’, because they will inherit the space and the age of the FIRE (Sun)! “

Now the Sun emerged above the top of the Bodhi tree and brought all vegetation to a good harvest for both animals and humans. The Earth in all her abundance! For that reason Buddha looked upon the Water buffalo and spoke:

” Blessed are the ‘Meek, the Soft-natured’, because they will inherit the space and the age of the EARTH “!

And there we could see the incredible growing power of Mother Nature in springtime, which was too much for our ‘tree-eater’ the ‘red’ Goat! Therefore Buddha spoke magically to the Goat:

” Blessed are the ‘Loveable’, because they will inherit the space and the age of the LAKE “!

Thereafter the fertility ended in the sea, the lake, the swamp… in joy, enjoying and pleasure, that Mother Earth gives!

This now was too much for the ‘magenta’ Horse, who became ‘claustrophobic’ to see a horizon, where he could not gallop on. Therefore Buddha spoke: ” Blessed are the ‘Impatient’, because they will inherit the space and the age of the HEAVEN “!

All the animals now saw the incredible creative power of the sky and the 7 Religions or opinions of life on Mother Earth (Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism ,Judaism ,Islam ,Christianity and Materialism). This ‘spiritual fire happening’ was now too much for our ‘violet’ Swine, who

liked to be in the shadow of big beach trees. Therefore Buddha spoke:

” Blessed are the ‘Honest’, because they will inherit the space and the age of the WATER “!

Then it started to rain. The monsoon brought the thirsty earth into a flowering life, which enjoyed all the hearts of the breathing creatures of Mother Earth. It was however also sometimes ‘water up, water down’, which was really too much for our ‘orange’ Dog. Buddha looked therefore to the Dog and said : ” Blessed are the ‘Loyal’, because they will inherit the ‘Mountain space and age’.

The rain stopped, everything was becoming silent and quiet. Nature was silent. No wind, no sound, no distractions. Total tranquillity for everyone present! The cycles of ‘manifestations’ was closed by this very ‘stillness’.

Buddha had given 8 elements to 8 animals. There were 4 animals who didn’t get an element, space and age! He looked now at these animals looking disappointed, and said to the ‘light-green’ Rabbit and ‘light-blue’ Monkey, that they could place themselves to the left of Him and to the ‘dark-green’ Snake and the ‘yellow’ Rat, that they could sit on the right

side. The ‘left’ side symbolized the Yin, the receptive, the meditative, the in-going and the ‘right’ side the Yang, the active, the out-going, the extravert.

Although the Rabbit and Monkey inherited no elements, they could sit on the ‘divine’ side of Buddha. Such was the treatment Buddha gave to the ‘good-natured’ and the ‘moveable’.

The ‘cunningness’ and the ‘anxiety’ were treated differently and therefore the Snake and the Rat were sitting on the right side.

Now all the 12 animals had heard from Buddha what they had inherited and where they belong. For a while they meditated in deep silence. Then they left Buddha after one more time singing their melody; do-sol-mi-si-re-mi-sol-do-la-fa-la-fa-do-sol-etc. Now there appeared also a beautiful rainbow and Buddha himself also went away form this ‘holy’ spot

under the Bodhi tree. He travelled into the ‘human’ world, to reveal His insight over ‘suffering’ and the ‘Eightfold Path’. The ‘Bodhi tree’ stayed behind and kept Buddha’s Enlightenment within its branches, roots and leaves for centuries to come.

SARVAMANGALAM, that all beings may be happy!

Amsterdam, october 1994 Manoj.