The Universal TAO (Hexagram) of the Tiger-Year 2022

Abundance (Fullness)
Fire below/Thunder above
The Judgement
The time of abundance is usually brief, but be not sad or sorrowing;
Be like the Sun at noon, illuminating and gladdening all creation.

The Image
As thunder and lightning come together; inner clarity with outward action;
Thus does the wise judge decide lawsuits.
He ensures strict and precise penalties.
The lines (valleys)

Nine at the 1st place (.): To work with one destined ruler is no mistake. But only for
so long. To bring a time of abundance a union of fire =clarity (wisdom) and thunder =
energetic action is needed. Therefore, go forth and make your influences felt. But be aware.
One must be able to stop at the right moment!

Six at the 2nd place (*): One sees the major stars at noon: An eclipse looms. Mistrust and hate. Plots and party intrigues come between a ruler! An able man who could help the ruler is envied and mistrusted. If one cannot see one’s ruler, one should hold inwardly to the power of Truth for its strength is so great that it can, by its invisible influence, arouse that ruler’s will.

Nine at the 3rd place (**): One sees even small stars at noon: The eclipse is total. Do nothing. Wait. The able man (prince) is now so eclipsed that even small men can push themselves into the foreground.. Even the most able man can do nothing. One is hindered yet one is not at fault. Refrain from action: remain blameless.

Nine at the 4th place (***): One sees the the lodestar at noon: The eclipse passes. One meets his prince. As the eclipse passes, darkness decreases and light returns. Wisdom and energy can now unite and complement each other.

Six at the 5th place (****): As blessing and fame draw near for one, so does good
fortune and blessing for all. When a ruler is modest and therefore open for counsel, he
becomes surrounded by able men, who can suggest good lines for action. In this way comes blessing, fame and favour for all.

Six at the top (
*****): In his house of abundance he screens himself off. He peers out
through the gate but no longer sees anyone. When a man is arrogant and obstinate he
attains the opposite of what he strives for. He seeks abundance and splendour and, at all
odds, to be master of his house. But he alienates even his own family. He is hopelessly
isolated by his own action.