“Totally Bananas”

Happening from Sunday the 18 the April till Saturday the 22nd of May 2021

The Path of psychic release,

freed latent energies,

an unconscious fantasy,

the ridiculous in all things,


The I Ching Oracle Fire below and Thunder above: “ABUNDANCE”

Dear AKHALDANNERS in this world wide “Corina Corina” time, we see for a long time (from the Sunday 18th of April till Saturday the 22nd of May), more than one month, this secret Dakini Oracle happening.

The astrological influences create also the I Ching oracle hexagram Fire below and Thunder above, which means “ABUNDANCE” or Fullness. The Judgement The time of abundance is usually short (but not now!). Be not sad or sorrowing, be like the SUN at noon, illuminating and gladdening all creation.The Image: As thunder and lightning come together; inner clarity with outward action; Thus does the wise judge decide lawsuits. He ensures strict and precise penalties.

Although it is a time af Abundance, the occuring lines, the 3rd and the 2nd, are not so favorite! The 3rd is saying: “Do nothing. Wait” Total incompetent government. Even the most able man can do nothing. Refrain from action, remain blameless. The 2ndThe ruling class creates hate and mistrust”. Instead one should hold inwardly to the power of Truth, for its strength is so great that it can, by its invisible influence, arouse the rulers will! Sarvamangalam (all sentient beings are happy/healthy).