The Tree of Life is like the ‘Human Spine’. In the back of the human creature we find, with the Head, the 7 chakra’s (energy knots). They go from below (1st chakra = sex) to above, the Head (7th chakra = enlightenment).
The same thing happens with the I Ching Hexagram, the lines go from below to above!
On a zero star day (.) the first (lowest) line of the I Ching hexagram comes into existence. The first chakra (sex) is reincarnated (instincts, physical-animalistic energies).
On an one star day (*) the 2nd line of the I Ching number starts functioning and the 2nd chakra (spleen = health) is reincarnated (own interest, individualistic ideals, earthly business).
On a two star day (**) the 3rd line, the 3rd chakra (navel = vitality) comes into existence (physical human happenings, materialistic ideals).
On a three star day (***) the 4th line, chakra (heart = emotion) communal happenings, social consciousness.
On a four star day (****) the 5th line, chakra (throat = dreams) authority, spiritual power, management.
On a five star day (*****) the line above, the 6th chakra (head = intellect) comes into existence (wisdom, cosmic ideals, enlightened subjects).
On a six star day (******) the whole hexgram will be completed and often turns into another one. For the ‘Secret Dakini Oracle’ the crown chakra = enlightenment is happening, being in Nirvana.
On a seven star day (*******) we are even above Enlightenment. This happens very seldom on Mother Earth (F.i. in the Year of the Thunder-Tiger 15th and 18-20th of September 2010; 22-24 and 28-30th of December 2010 and 1-3 and 5+6th of January 2011). Do not miss these days!!!


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