The cosmic law of the holy Trinity

This universal law, together with the proces of the ‘Hepthaparaparshinok’
( the cosmic law of the Sevenfoldness), form the 2 fundamental elements of all existence. Hepthaparaparshinok is expressed in the human spine (the 7 chakra’s), the 7 colours, tunes, stones, days etc.
Triamazikamno creates the human individual (the ego), by the manifestation of the body, soul and mind. Every human is a holy Trinity, who can do, feel and think!

The ‘Body’, the coach, is his carrier. With this, the Human can manifest himself and be creative. The body or the material world is called in Sanskrite ‘Artha’, which stands for the animalistic world with its instincts and desires (eating, drinking, shitting, pissing, having sex and sleeping).
This fysical manifestation is influenced by the starsign and rising of a person (somebody’s horoscope), which is to be seen by the weak organs and fysical appearence.
The body is governed by the planet Mars , with the colour ‘red’ and the tune ‘ c ‘ and has his center in the ‘HARA’ (the belly).
The coach, the material world, ‘artha’ is expressed in the I Ching in the first and second line of the Hexagram.

The ‘Soul’, the horses in front of the coach, has its center in the Heart and Solaris Plexus. With this the Human can feel and sense. Here is his intuition, his beauty, his love and hate, which is expressed in his voice (5th chakra). This life of the Soul is called in Sanskrite ‘Kama’ , the Human world of emotional relations and connections, family, friends, lovers. It is for most of the people very difficult to detached themselves emotionally. Here we find the greatest obstacle to ‘Moksha’ (Enlightenment). In the I Ching ‘Kama’ manifest itself in the 3rd and 4th line of the hexagram (the human area). The soul is governed by the planet Venus .

The  ‘Mind’ , the coachdriver, has its center in the Head. With this the Human can think and not-think (meditate). Interresting thing is, that the mind is expressed in the 3rd chakra (the navel). The ‘Spirit’ manifest itself in the 5th and 6th line of the I Ching Hexagram, symbolizing the divine world. The mind is governed by Mercure . This part of the trinity is called in Sanskrite ‘Moksha’, which stands for Enlightenment, transcending the ‘Ego’ and ‘Mind’. I.c. to be fysically, emotionally and spiritually detached. No coach, horses and coachdriver anymore, one can become united with the Universal Flux!







I Ching




1) Body Coach Mars Doing 1st Sex Artha 1st en 2nd line = animalistic Tuesday

Do (c)

2) Soul Horses Venus Feeling 5th Throat Kama 3th en 4th lijn = human Friday

Sol (g)

3) Spirit Coachdriver Mercure Thinking 3rd Navel Moksha 5de en 6de lijn = divine Wednesda

Mi (e)